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“We were extremely happy with Paul. He was fantastic and our addition came out better than I had even expected. He was very responsive, and his people were so easy to work with and have around. We felt he really understood and would know what to do, so we didn’t have to worry. Plus he and our architect worked so well together I didn’t have to get involved. Paul met our expectations 100%.”
Jennifer Iverson
Residential addition
Lexington, MA

“With great enthusiasm, I would highly recommend Paul to others. He was very professional, performed high-quality work, and was very efficient. We enjoyed the open lines of communication and his willingness to respond to us on short notice. He also employs great subcontractors who frequently go beyond the call of duty. We were completely satisfied with the job Paul did for us.”
David K
Residential Renovation / Addition
Lexington, MA

“The greatest benefit of working with Paul was the complete trust I had in him. He did what he said he would do at a price and quality that he said he would – there never once was an issue. He’s easy to talk with and has a consultative approach; he always listened and was interested in open communication and joint problem solving. With Paul it’s not just about the money, he cares about you.”
James Hardy
Newton, MA

“Paul has worked for me over the course of 13 years on several renovations. Most important to me are his trustworthiness and honesty, plus I greatly appreciate his craftsmanship, creative problem-solving, and quality of his work. His subs are the best – they’re friendly and clean, and skilled at their crafts. Paul has very good long-term relationships with them and manages them well; there’s a real team feeling with his people.”
Bruce Diamond
Wellesley, MA

“Paul’s biggest asset is his personality – he’s a nice guy and easy to deal with, and very dependable and responsive. When you call him, he calls you right back, and gets you the information you’ve requested. Also, the project was completed well beyond my expectations. Paul didn’t just build what was drawn but would suggest changes during construction, and it made the project that much better.”
Richard Meyer
Residential Addition
Carlisle, MA
‘Honest, thorough and fair’ are the words I’d use to best describe Paul. He’s a conscientious worker who gets the job done right”
Arther C. Anton, Jr.
Carlisle, MA

“We had great confidence in Paul. We felt he wasn’t going to abandon or take advantage of us – he was very responsible, had great follow through. Paul was also very easy to work with. He’s able to deal with all types of people and as well, really knows what he’s doing.”
Susan (Durham)
Carlisle, MA

“The greatest benefit of hiring Paul and his team was the personal pleasure of working with them. They’re all great people and were extremely respectful of our lifestyle adjustment during construction. It was very pleasant to have them in our house. Plus they have high-end carpentry and problem-solving skills. I give them equally high marks on the level of their work, their craftsmanship. The results were A+.”
Peter Culman
Lexington, MA